Get Paid Up To $100 Just For Adding Your Photos To!


Get Paid Up To $100 Just For Adding Your Photos To!

At DepositPhotos, we are working hard to accumulating new images. We are actively seeking partnerships with both photographers and illustrators! We would love to see your work on our site! That is why we are offering a very special promotion program to attract photographers and illustrators! Whether you are an amateur photographer or a tried-and-true professional, you can start earning money right away just by adding your photos and illustrations for sale in our library. It is all part of our current Photographer Promotion Program, right here at DepositPhotos!

We will Pay You For Every Image You Add!

At DepositPhotos, it is our mission to be the premier internet resource for stock images. And right now, we are aggressively seeking for more and more great images to sell in our image library. That is why we are running Photographer Promotion Program to attract photographers and illustrators of all skill levels. You will get paid instantly for every original image you add to DepositPhotos.
That is like getting FREE MONEY just for sending us your photograph!

How it Works:
  • DepositPhotos will pay you $0.20 for every single original photo you upload for sale to our library, up to 500 photos;
  • Just press the Activate button, and you will get paid for each approved photo you upload;
  • You can Request your earnings as soon as your account balance reaches $50.


I joined and I have $50.00 made so far!  So it really does work….you just upload and get paid for all the photos you get accepted!  It is that easy! 

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February 18, 2010 - 10:01 AM

Henrik - They also have an excellent affiliate and referral program.

October 1, 2011 - 2:08 PM

guest - Heh heh, Henrik, you subtly suggested that that is exactly what Melissa King is up to.

Plus, notice the word approved photos. I wonder how many they dont approve and then keep anyway.

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