Income Tax Deductions for Micro Stock

Well it is that time of year again, TAX TIME!  You have probably already received some tax forms in the mail for the money you have made throughout the year. Taxes are always daunting and time consuming, but deductions help lower the amount you owe or you may even get a tax return.

Here is a list of tax write off you may be able to use for your taxes.

  1. Camera Equipment
  2. Lens and other equipment
  3. Computers – 100% computer Write off (canadian)
  4. Paypal Fees
  5. cell phone bill
  6. Back up services
  7. Memberships
  8. Microstock services (ex: Isyndica, Cushystock…ect.)
  9. Utilities (Heat, lights, Ins.)
  10. supplies
  11. Keywording services (dreamstime keywording)
  12. workshops & seminars
  13. Plug ins, actions & other add ons
  14. Design/logo fees
  15. Mortgage Interest & Property Taxes
  16. Office Furniture
  17. Business Phone Line
  18. Stamps and Envelopes
  19. Business Banking Fees
  20. Advertising
  21. Website Hosting and Domains
  22. Printer
  23. Computer
  24. Internet Connection
  25. Business Trip Costs
  26. Business Meals
  27. Professional Organization Membership Fees
  28. Gas Mileage for Business Trips
  29. Software
  30. Home Office
  31. Printer Ink
  32. Paper
  33. Online Subscriptions
  34. Accounting and Tax Filing Fees
  35. Daycare Costs
  36. Business Cards
  37. Models
  38. Props
  39. Studio Equipment
  40. Studio Supplies
  41. Equipment rental

Do you know of any I may have missed?

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